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Dravuni, Fiji

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Dravuni is one of the 322 islands that comprise the South Pacific nation of Fiji. Tiny Dravuni Island has no airport and no roads, so its few visitors arrive by small boat. However, every so often, a cruise ship will anchor here. There are only 175 people living on this island that is less than 1 mile wide and a half mile across.

You arrive on the beach from a small pier where the islanders offer food and drink, crafts, and clothing for sale. The local Fijians are very friendly and are glad to answer any questions you may have. They also put on one of the best Fijian dance programs (See the videos below).

There are only a few activities here: going to the beach, swimming/snorkeling, hiking, or taking a motorboat ride around the island with a fisherman.

Snorkeling was OK, but the fish were not that plentiful on the beach near the pier. The South point of the island is suppose to have better snorkeling.

Snorkeling: We bought goggles and snorkels from Amazon and brought them with us. Unless you go on a snorkeling excursion, our ship did not provide equipment. You can also get inexpensive goggles with preset corrective lenses.

ATM: None. The merchants take US dollars.



Here is a video of the wonderful dancing at Dravuni.

And another traveler's video





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