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Napier, New Zealand

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Map of Napier, New Zealand Art Deco buildings in Napier, New Zealand Napier, New Zealand
Napier art deco buildings
Main street by the beach

Napier has redeveloped itself as a beach vacation destination. Cruise ships dock at a wharf area one mile northwest of town and run shuttle buses to the information center. The town hosts the Kiwi House, and Hawke's Bay Aquarium. The Botanical Garden shows its English heritage whereas many buildings are Art Deco because that was the popular architecture used when the town was rebuilt after a 1931 earthquake.

Many found the Waimarama Maori tour to Hakikino extremely interesting as the tour not only shows the old Maori ways but goes into the Maori spirituality.

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Statue at Hakikino of the Waimarama Maori near Napier, New Zealand Coast near Waimarama, New Zealand Shorn sheep
Waimarama Maori
Waimarama coast
Shorn sheep



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