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Nouméa, New Caledonia

Noumea is a small, cosmopolitan city that offers a number of sights. Two that were most popular were the Aquarium and Tjibaou Cultural Center. There is an excellent information center in the port terminal building along with a post office.

A convenient way to get around is using one of the hop-on-hop-off buses. They all stop at the same locations throughout the city. At the ship terminal there are a number of companies offering this service for $15 a person for all day use. We had a bad experience with one of the services and would recommend the Noumea Explorer bus. It seems to pass all of the stops at least every thirty minutes.

People who visited the aquarium really liked it. We visited the Tjibaou Cultural Center and found that is a beautiful building and setting but was not designed as a museum showing the history and artifacts of the island. Rather, the center presents the immersion of the indigenous tribal groups, the Kanaks, into Western culture while they maintain links to their past and its values.

ATM: At nearby bank and food market. Money exchange and Post Office at the ship terminal.


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Map Noumea, New Caledonia Port at Noumea, New Caledonia Tjibaou Cultural Center, Noumea, New Caledonia
Tjibaou Cultural Center



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