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Oban, Stewart Island, New Zealand

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Oban, New Zealand map Tender dock Oban, New Zealand Walk from tender to Oban, New Zealand
The tender pier
Walk from the tender to town

Cruise ships anchor at Patterson Inlet and tender at Golden Bay which is a third of a mile walk from town. The first part of this walk is a steep hill. The town is very small with a few restaurants, stores, and a small museum. There is a Post Office at the bottom of Ayr Street. The tour office by the wharf rents bicycles and scooters. The main activity is hiking.

Ulva Island is one of the more popular expeditions. It is a nature preserve for native birds, and your cruise ship will undoubtably offer a tour here. You also can arrange passage to the island from the information office in Oban.

Option: Fly from Oban to Invercargill, rent a car, overnight in Queenstown, meet the ship in Dunedin.

ATM: None. The merchants take Australian dollars when cruise ships are in port.

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Kayaking in Oban, New Zealand Penguin sign Oban, New Zealand Oban, New Zealand
Kayaking in Halfmoon Bay
Penguin sign
Boat houses
View of Halfmoon Bay, Oban, New Zealand
View of Halfmoon Bay, Oban, New Zealand



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