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Pago Pago, American Samoa

Pago Pago is a small town on the island of Tutuila. There isn't much to see here. We took a three hour tour to the main spots which include the flower pot rocks, a beautiful Mormon church built after the missionaries arrived, and the scenic coast. There is a U.S. National Park here, but to really see it you would have to stay for more than a day.

The roads are bumpy so some of the tour participants brought seat cushions as the buses only had wooden seats.

ATM: In town. US dollar is the currency.

Internet: The McDonalds in town has free intenet.


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pagp pago american samoa map pagp pago american samoa flower pot rocks Pago Pago American Samoa Mormon church
Flower Pot Rocks
Mormon Church
pago pago american samoa harbon on tutuila island
zaandam crusise ship in pago pago american samoa



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