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Tauranga (Rotorua), New Zealand

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Tauranga, New Zealand map Mt. Maunganui Tauranga, New Zealand Elms mission house Tauranga, New Zealand
Mt. Maunganui
Elm Mission House

Tauranga is an important commercial center and port. Cruise ships arrive at the Mount Maunganui warves near the base of this 750 foot mountain. From here there are a number of options. If you don't take a cruise ship excursion, a rental car allows you to vist Rotorua and other sites.

Using Pegasus rental car, we visited the Elms Mission House in Tauranga and then went to Rotortua where we visited the Rotora Museum of Art and History. This museum presents an excellent history of the Maori's coming to New Zealand and its interaction with the English. It has a wonderful movie about the Moari and history of Rotora.

Rotorua is a major tourist destination for its termal pools, geyers, Maori culture, fishing and other family activities.

ATM: Nearby banks.

Internet: Free at McDonalds

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Rotorua Museum of Art and Hiatory, Tauranga, New Zealand Mud pool at Rotorua, New Zealand Sea gulls at Rotorua, New Zealand
Rotorua Museum
Rotorua boiling mud
Seagulls at Rotorua




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