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Choosing Directv or Dish Network
Plus Other Decisions for High Definition Hookup


I put together this web page to share in what I learned about

  • Choosing Directv or Dish
  • Connecting multiple TV's
  • Web resources for help and information

However, please realize that this is just what I came across in my quest for information. If you have any suggestions, please .

bullet Dish versus Directv
At first I thought that Dish had fewer HD channels than Directv. However, in reviewing their web sites, both Directv and Dish offer the same selection. Note, I only considered the main entertainment channels and did not review sports channels.


  • Each service provides output at 1080i (not 1080p) plus lower resolutions.
  • Directv's HD DVR allows recording two channels simultaneously at 1080i. Dish's HD DVR only allows recording of one channel at 1080i and the other at standard definition.
  • Both offer remotes that work on radio frequency so they can be used to control the satellite receivers from different rooms.
  • Dish receivers allow a second TV hooked up to the receiver to view a different channel than the first TV. This means you can use one receiver to watch diff shows at the same time. However, the second TV will only display a standard definition picture.
  • Dish pricing is less expensive that Directv.

bullet Connecting Different TVs to One Satellite Receiver.

I was confused on what cables I could use to hookup a second TV to a receiver.

  • The best way to send high definition video between rooms is with ethernet (Cat5) cable. You will need what is called an extender. A good one at a good price manufactured by CE Labs. At the same time, you will need a component video amplifier (StarTech) connected to the satellite box to provide multiple component video and audio connections.
  • Coaxial cable (RG6) can be used to carry standard definition video, however it cannot carry high definition video.
  • HDMI cables cannot be used for long runs between rooms as the signal degrades.
  • Cables comprised of the component video (three wire) and RCA stereo audio (two wires) can be used for long runs and will carry the HD signal.


bullet Frequently Asked Questions

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bullet Web sites with good information

How To for Hookups at RAM Electronics

How To for Hookups at BigPictureBigSound

FAQ for buying a first HDTV, sound system, cabling, etc

Calibrating your HDTV [Turns out that not all TVs ship with good settings]

AV Science Forum [A form that lets you search for answers]

How to for Cables [With helpful information]

Sound and Vision [Reviews]









- 02/03/2013


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