Fixing Our Old House

Fix wood rot
Painting siding
Fixing metal roof
Fixing wood damage
Installing gutters
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This web site is to share with you what we've learned in fixing our 1861 historic house. In undertaking our various projects, we researched the best way of tackling a project and assimilated the often conflicting opinions about how to do something. Here is what we learned:

How To

arrow Fixing decayed wood

arrow Floor finishing using Waterlox

arrow Removing paint from wood siding

arrow Removing siding then painting

arrow Painting wood siding

arrow Painting a metal roof

arrow Patching a metal roof

arrow Repairing windows and
   removing glazing

arrow-right Glazing and painting windows

arrow Installing aluminum gutters

arrow Installing storm windows

arrow Painting galvanized gutters

arrow Using aluminum flashing on arbors

Other topics

arrow Painting pressure treated wood

arrow Terne metal roofs

arrow Water repellent sealers

arrow Mildew & Window Cleaning

History of

arrow Ballooned framed houses

arrow Nails

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