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I purchased aluminum storm windows from Burch Companyleave site In Baltimore Maryland. Their windows were affordable yet very well made and tight fitting. These storm windows are designed to fit flush and not take away from the old house look. I had the company paint the storm windows the same color as my windows. Not only will these new windows save heat, but they will lay an important preservation role by protecting valued old-house windows from the elements. 

More information: Natl. Park Service advice, The Truth About Windows,

Windows with and without storm window

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New Storm Window on the Left

cut expanders

A. Cutting expanders

measure from sill

B. Measure to align

attach frame

C. Attached the frame


Installing the windows was fairly easy. The Burch windows have an expander piece on all four sides that makes it easy to fit the frame into the window opening. After removing the windows from the frame, I cut the left and right expander pieces to fit the sides and the angle of my sill.

I attached the left and right expanders and positioned the top and bottom expanders to match the side length. I then placed the storm window frame into the window area and made sure the bottom of the frame was equidistant from the sill (Photo B).

Then I used three screws to attach the left and right expanders to the window (photo C).

I then inserted the screen and upper and lower window units. I caulked the frame with clear silicone caulk.

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