Christmas Cards

What started out in 1969 as a way of using my photographs to bring Christmas messages to my friends has developed into an annual undertaking. With much help and thanks to Cindy, Edith, and Susan.

Ed Lehmann
Waterford, Virginia

arrow 2022 Aya - Guess Who I Am?
arrow 2021 2021 Covid free?
arrow 2020 Let's Put 2020 Behind Us
arrow 2019 Over the Rainbow
arrow 2018 MAGA Christmas Hat
arrow 2017 Shawnee's path to happiness in 2018
arrow 2016 The Twilight Zone — 2017?
arrow 2015 Do we need to worry about the upcoming elections?
arrow 2014 Top things to do during Christmas
arrow 2013 We are being tracked 24/7
arrow 2012 Facebook changes our social connections
arrow 2011 How the Gingrich Stole Christmas
arrow 2010 Tea anyone
2009 They can't get off the phone even on vacation
2008 Take stock and count our dividends blessings
2007 Preserving Our Land
2006 Will there be a white Christmas with global warming?
2005 Camille the cat gives holiday advice
2004 Off to the beach. Over a 50 year period
2003 Its OK to eat during the holidays
2002 Cat at Dinner Table. Camille the cat loves to eat
2001 A Waterford Postcard. After Sept 11 we needed something nice
2000 Jolly Jubilee Jumble Puzzle. Bush vs Gore
Y2K. We are ready for the millennium
License Plates. Cute holiday wordings
1997 Cat by Pond. Cats and fish don't mix
1996 Dewer's Cat. The sophisticated feline
1995 The Internet Begins. I'm plugged in
1994 Elvis Buys His Trees Here. He never died
1993 Gun Control. An everlasting issue
1992 Clinton's Socks the cat. A cheap way to clone
1991 Redskins Fans. Football keeps us sane
1990 Political Quiz. Reagan, Berry, Gorbachev, Hussein, Trump
1989 Fallout Shelter Sign, Washington Cathedral.
1988 Presidential Quiz. Reagan vs Dukakis
1987 Lehmann-Marcus Gift. An armored vehicle makes a great gift
1986 Crass Couple. Style is everything
1985 Cat with Wrapping Paper. Catnip kitty
1984 Productivity. Five men screwing in a light
1983 Nouveau Rich. Let them eat fruitcake
1982 Pac Man. Words of wisdom
1981 After the Meal. The food is picked clean
1980 Ronald Reagan's Gift. Military and trickle down theory
1979 No Heat. A cold Sunday morning
1978 Currier & Ives Winter Snow Storm.
1977 Puff the Sleeping Kitty. With mice dancing around her head
1976 Jimmy Carter Christmas. The South comes to Washington
1975 Bicentennial Eggbeater. A real collectible for only $17.76
1974 Serene Statue. Beautiful to look at
1973 President Nixon's Gifts to the Country. This wasn't a good time for Nixon
1972 Family Portrait. The American family, two adults and two cats
1971 Woman Shopping. She has had it!
1970 X-rated police. Men are men
1969 Tree in snow. Just a pretty picture
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